Brentwood Feb Round Robin Report…

We had a really good meeting today under our new format, although we had such good discussion the new set up really went out the window and we followed our usual tradition. A big thank you goes to The Robin Pub who served us some tasty paninis with our drinks. They really spoil us.

With the interesting conversations today, which were profound and very meaningful and helped all of us, as well as being inspiring, I want to give a mention to our attendees with links to their businesses..


Paul Alexander co-hosting and representing his business BWSIT that supports so many local businesses in Web Services and Computer Support

Danielle Balcombe co-hosting talking about her work for the haircuts 4 the homeless organisation and through her Essexy Hair Mobile Hair Business

Gregory Baker representing Reboot, geared at people suffering depression, anxiety and lacking motivation.

Stephen Jakes also representing Reboot ( ), as above but working on emotional healing, treatments and therapy through a website he is developing.

Rowena Jordan representing the joint ventures she shares with her daughter making and selling fabulous candles through Kara-Rose.

Rachel Lynas representing The Toner Cartridge Shop, an online shop selling genuine toner cartridges.

Nila Mistry representing her business Prosperity Life Planning and can be found on her Facebook Page.

Remember, as soon as you have attended your second RRN meeting within 3 months, then you are allocated your own members page, showcasing your business and improving the SEO for your website/business.

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