You can really make a difference to your business, if you start 2019 of the right way and get some important processes in place. Its a great time to set some objectives for the year, do some cash flow forecasting, look at your products and services make sure you are delivering these effectively and they have good margins or an underlying intrinsic value to your business. So I started this process with Round Robin and looked at what the networking was delivering to our attendees. Yes, it has been good quality networking in a friendly relaxed environment but is it a good investment of our members time. Networking takes time from the day in travelling and attending the meetings including petrol costs as well.

I have looked at these together with what the Networking brings and I think there could be much greater value to our members and attendees through some changes. Firstly, the price is increasing to £5.00 for the session. This gives you unlimited tea and coffee during a meeting and at the same time the money will go towards some admin helping to promote the attendees through various ways and means. The website has been totally relaunched and we are looking to give members exposure and coverage on the website upon reaching certain attendance targets. Attending more meetings builds better business relationships and momentum between businesses for sure and then there a lot that can be gained from features on the website. These features will include details and links to your business website together with a short 2 minute video promoting your business. Video on Websites is such a game changer and we would recommend this to all businesses looking to improve their website and rankings as well. It has been identified that on average a website is visited for 8 seconds. Use a video to break that 8 second barrier and interest your visitor more about your business.