Round Robin Networking was founded in 2016 by Paul Alexander and Danielle Balcombe. The networking is intended to be informal and relaxed to help bring the best out of all our members.
Business Focused

Each session at Round Robin Networking looks at helping you promote your business. There is no doubt that it takes time to build relationships and foster good working partnerships. This is a paramount as this puts the foundations in place and paves the way for a successful business relationship.


The meetings are great for getting support from fellow business owners and attendees. There are so many synergies in business that turning any threats into opportunities often arise when counselling the help of others. Everyone brings something to the table and listening to others and finding solutions to your own problems is usually at hand.


You can feel at ease at a Round Robin Networking event as you chat and mingle with other members and visitors. The ethos is simple, create an environment and conditions where you can concentrate on being yourself and getting the most out of networking with others.


At current we have 1 main venue for our meetings with the potential to expand.

Meeting are held once a month.

The meetings will be relaxed at all times but a structure to the meetings will give members opportunities to talk more and express themselves and promote a more business minded theme throughout.

RR Billericay

Emmanuel Church, 66-68 Laindon Rd, Billericay CM12 9LD

1st Thursday of every month 10:30 to 12:00

The cost to attend is £5.00 covering some hot drinks and the cost to hire the venue.




Meeting Format

This is the general format of the meetings though because of the informal nature at times these may differ. Additionally, a member will request the 10 minute slot for the next meeting.

10:30 to 10:35 – Opening welcomes by Officials running the meeting
10:35 to 11:30 – Introduction by each member to talk about their own businesses
11:30 to 11:40 – 10 Minute Member talk on their business with questions and comments/feedback from other members
11:40 to 12:00 Topic of the Meeting thrown open for general discussion (Topics include, use of social media, attending business events, marketing, other networking, running your own business and other topics as appropriate)
12:00 Close of Meeting/Exchange of business cards.

Attendees/Members Benefits

The members benefits are dependant on the number of times meetings are attended and again this may change and we are flexible within this structure. These are the rules as we see them:

1. A page will be set up for any member to help promote their business with a link from the front page if a member attends any 2 out of 3 meetings at either venue. This will work on a rolling basis so to keep your member page active you just need to attend 2 of any 3 on-going meetings.
2. Blogs will be written about members once they have attended any 3 meetings in a 6 month period. This will improve SEO for member’s websites.
3. Video content is becoming ever so important for websites now and again once a member has attended 3 meetings in a 6 month period we will do a question and answer session with the member and promote this on the RRNet website and social media. This is a powerful way to promote a business.

Why stay a member beneifts

We recognise that members come and go to different networking Groups and we want to grow our attendees keeping them part of the Round Robin family. This increases the strength of business relationships and helps everyone who attends. If a member fails to attend 3 meetings on the run then their promotions through the RRNET website will be suspended.

Other Benefits

We are always looking to introduce other benefits to our regular attendees and will be looking at ways to give as much as we can to our members.